About Us



Strongly influenced by South African and Californian surf culture - We make rad products that suit a lifestyle of surfing, fashionable living, and traveling. 

We value simplicity at its most basic.


Revenue from each purchase creates opportunities. 


Aleph Surf was created when a Californian fashionista met a South African surfer boy in 2010.  Living in a small surf town well known to most surf fanatics Jeffreys Bay, South Africa - Vanessa & Rehgert van Zyl spent their time in the townships working with disadvantage communities.  Vanessa, teaching sewing construction and pattern making and Rehgert teaching a five day a week after school program for "youth at risk".  After 5 years of development work to empower youth and adults, Reghert and Vanessa started the Aleph Surf brand - With the goal being to invest in and create more opportunities for communities around the world.

 "When you believe in something, you will be the first to invest in it" - Rehgert van Zyl

The organization of Aleph Surf International is designed to restore communities through the recreational sport of surfing, FASHION, art, education and empowerment through employment.  

Check out more on our website www.alephsurf.org